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Can You Hear the Whistle?

When I open my widows in Harlem, I can hear the Metro North train whistle. It’s embedded in city noises: sirens, music, spirited arguments, subway rumble, and traffic clamor. But my Smiggles ear picks it out. It brings me back to those hot summer nights when the only sounds I heard from my open window were crickets and the distant train whistle. I remember the feeling of longing that lodged just below my heart as I lay in bed unable to sleep. The Metro North whistle triggers that spot but I no longer have the same longing. I’ve been where that train is going, where it comes from, and beyond. I’ll surely go further before I pass into the next life.

Smiggles is many places, places of this world, and not of this world. Smiggles is part of me, a fantom place, a derelict village on a on an abandoned railroad track.

Can you hear the whistle?

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A thief, languishing in prison for stealing moments, escapes and becomes a chronometric fugitive. Women wait in a long, endless line, night and day, without knowing what is at the beginning of the line. An otherworldly marble called the Ustek Cloudy passes through the hands of Ambrose Bierce, Amelia Earhart, and D. B. Cooper just before they each disappear off the face of the earth. Whether they are called fantasy, magical realism, science fiction, or parodies, the stories in this collection—the first from Gay Terry—blend the real and the fantastic in an imaginative and mischievous way. Written in the tradition of Ray Bradbury, Angela Carter, and Edgar Allan Poe, these contemporary fables present remarkable characters trapped in unusual situations.

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