I’m a Manx insomniac who grew up in northern Appalachia, I assisted my dad in his magic act as a teenager and since then worked as a waitress, factory worker, welfare worker, catalogued tribal arts for Sotheby’s, volunteered in Margaret Mead’s office before she died, taught tai chi and yoga. I’ve had poetry and short stories published in ezines, fantasy magazines and anthologies, and wrote screenplays for “The Toxic Avenger” II and III. I’ve spent over 35 years studying tai chi, more than ten years  doing qi gong and yoga. I have two married children, four grandchildren, a long-suffering husband and I’m watched over by the ghost of a loyal (canine) Australian Shepherd. I lived in NYC for more than 30 years, Brooklyn for 6, and am now back in NYC (Harlem). At heart I’m pretty much a slacker who enjoys teaching my grandkids “weird stuff.”


Gay Partington Terry