It’s just a number

Yesterday was my granddaughter’s fifth birthday. There will be a round of parties and celebrations this weekend, cupcakes and ice cream, gifts galore. Adriana is interested in many things and isn’t afraid to ask questions. (Neither am I and I’m somewhat beyond five.) Some of yesterday’s discussion concerned age numbers. Her father’s number, 37, is “not so old.” But her remark regarding my age number was, “that’s old.”
What does she know!!!
If I were a tree or a planet, I wouldn’t be thought of as old.
Or a star!
I have some of the same components of a star; we all do, but in different proportions, of course. In those terms, I’m an infant and I identify with infancy in some ways–I’m aware of an amazing world waiting to be explored. And I have a lot to learn.
Without some care and a great deal of moisturizer, parts of me could come to resemble (the bark of) a tree. Trees are formidable but I still prefer to think of myself as more of a star-like creature–not the sort that appears in movies and gossip columns, but the kind you see in the sky, one of many shining points of light. I assure you that my light hasn’t gone out yet.
My children, their spouses, and my grandchildren shine blindingly bright, and I have friends that are quite dazzling. All of this light reflects on me as I orbit about and adjacent to them, enhancing my own light (or so I hope). We may all be just a glint in the eye of the universe but isn’t it grand to sparkle?
Happy Birthday Adriana!

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