Questions & comments from “…Smiggles Bottom” readers–1

On p3 you say that “gram” had neither the time nor patience, to deal with dental issues so she had all her teeth removed at a young age, refusing anesthesia. Tooth extraction is very painful. Is it possible to endure this?

Apparently, it is. I have a reader that uses self-hypnosis when he gets dental work done, even when he had a broken arm set. I’ve never used this technique myself, but from what I understand it’s much like a (self) guided meditation in order to put yourself into an altered mental state that will allow you to follow auto-suggestions. This trance-like state causes changes in brain activity that alters your perception and experience, enhances your capacity to respond to suggestion. You can learn it from books, teachers, or from the internet. You can buy tapes or download audio that targets all kinds of things—bad habits, phobias, weight loss, relaxation, etc.
You can also have this done by a hypnotist. The formula is prevalent. Music can be hypnotic as can Nature, tranquil movement, or design. Advertising campaigns endeavor to mesmerize you into taking their suggestions. Technology…
As a magician’s daughter, I try to be vigilant toward these tactics because there’s a dark side to mind manipulation. It can become brain washing, thought “reform,” techniques that impair autonomy and independent thinking. It can be practiced on an individual or a group. Crowd control is reinforced by propaganda. (does this sound familiar?) Beware a spectacle composed of smoke and mirrors, all pretense. The man behind the curtain never turns out to be a legitimate wizard.

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